Saturday, September 17, 2011

Something that has NOTHING to do with ME

So there I was, ouija board out, trying to summon the ghost of a dead housekeeper to put my clothes away.  After many failed attempts, I decided there must be an easier way.  Day laborers at the Home Depot?  No, no, then I must pay them to do the work that I birthed children to do for free.  Damn labor laws...Kids need to get to work! I could wait till my mexican Sister-in-law visits...  Then everything would be clean AND I'd get tacos!  Best option yet!  But I don't want to wait...

Ouija board
"Oh Ouija, who will make my tacos and clean my house?"

While pondering over my cleaning predicament, I thought there must be an easier way to write these posts.  Maybe a humorous guide exists with tips on surviving the zombie apocalypse for the every-man...  Maybe I can steal excerpts and pretend that I am a the genius that created it....  Oh the laughs I could create!  What a glorious Mutha-Sugah it would be!

I then decided to check Facebook because, like everyone else, I am addicted to voyeurism and cute kitten videos.  After a moment of scrolling I happened upon such a guide.  Not only with witty antics but with amazingly drawn art.  Eureka! I could steal the story and the pics! It doesn't get any easier than copy and paste.  The little square next to the link tells me my meal ticket is provided courtesy of Rigor Mortis. Suckers!  I'll mention them casually in a conversation to keep the ju-ju good.  My hair can not take being struck by lightning. I knew this book of faces would come in handy!

"40 pages of end of the world fun!" they boast.  But can these zinesters deliver goods worth ripping off for my own selfish benefit?  Oh they can...
Zedsample 1
Possibly the sexiest Disaster related cover ever.

Presenting Z.E.D. Zombies! Emergencies! Disasters! Yea... That's a sexy cover!  I drew that (I didn't).  You wanna see what I'm wearing underneath?

Zedsample1 3
Kindling! Toilet Paper!  Dietary Fiber!  I love re-purposed things...

Oh yeaaaaaaaa...  I'm so clever too!  (I'm not!  I had nothing to do with this!  This is an off shoot from the Rigor Mortis team.)  I would describe this project as a "little taste of comic goodness you can read in between playing 'Guess the Appendage' of your long blown up neighbors, evading cannibals (living and dead), and wondering if Stan Lee will manage a cameo in the afterlife."  Wow, I couldn't of said it better myself.  I mean... sigh...

The Rigor Mortis collective have risen from the darkest depths to present Zombie and Horror loving goodness to the masses.   With 4 'zines already available and a 5th on the way, they have taken a slight detour to present a twisted and entertaining look on surviving in the post-apocalypic world.

Zedsample 19
These were drawn with Pretty & Putrid in mind... (no they weren't!)

By now you have probably realized that I had nothing to do with this project.  You are also curious as to where you can acquire this saucy bit of talent.  I know these things.  Z.E.D. is not yet available in the papery goodness but Rigor Mortis is offering a downloadable sampler.  Click here!You can now select the file for download.  When your eye sockets have had their fill of putrid delight, head over to order more from this ensemble.  Your survival depends upon it.

So to recap:  1. Z.E.D. Zombies! Emergencies! Disasters!, you need to read it.  2. You can go to or 3. I still need to clean my house and write my own posts.  So darlings, don't miss out on this opportunity to enlighten your HORRORble, loving mind and miss out on an important bit of knowledge for your survival.  So as always, stay pretty and prepare.

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