Post-Apocalyptic Accessories: Ballistic Beauties

I'll be the first to admit that when "the day" comes, I'm more concerned with what I'll be wearing than where I'll be holed up and what I'll be surviving on.  Ballistic Beauties is my answer to the need for post-apocalyptic fashion accessories.  I know what you're thinking... and that is why unicorns no longer exist.  Oh and for the naysayers: Hell to the yea there is a need!  
Spikes and Chains and 9mm's Oh My!
Ballistic Beauties are creations from spent munitions.  Upcycling the trash left behind by many zombie slayers and turning it into something beautiful!

12 gauge "Shot to the Head" Fascinator and 9mm Quintuplet Brass Bracelet

Just because the world is ending doesn't mean your sense of fashion is gone too.  This is how you really "Knock 'em Dead!"
.38 Special Fringe Earrings
Also with a little bit of this beautiful baby...
.40 Caliber Stud Earrings
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  1. Hi there Kitty Pandemic:

    It's Matthew Kirshenblatt. I am going to attempt to do an experiment: an interdimensional crossover as it were ... if different Blog types are different dimensions.

    Upon risk of coming into your plane of zombie fashion, I want to nominate you for the Reality Blog Award. Your amazing insight into the condition of both zombie and breather survivor and the different kind of rags worn by each just makes this experiment really hard to resist.

    Here is the link with all of the information: Essentially it is a meme, but it is set more like an interview. And the way it is designed, it is like the zombies that you are planning to deal with. It likes to spread the love. Anyway, take care of yourself and continue to kill zombies dead with style.


  2. Hello Kitty:

    Here is another inter-dimensional crossover, should you be interested. It is the Very Inspiring Blogger Award because, well, frankly you and your words inspire me. You can find the details in the short link here: Take care.

    -- Matthew