Saturday, April 27, 2013

Something Sinister This Way Comes

Besides being preoccupied with ridding the world of ugly, stupid and really ugly, I happen to have a deep love of supporting Independent Artists.  Especially those in the horror community!  These creepy folks put out amazing and gory work that just needs to be lathered all over your brain.  Mmmm....  Brains...

Today I would like to introduce you to  "Sinister Scott" Smale!

"MUAH HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!  I will feed on your soul!"  Ok... maybe he didn't say that...

I am very excited to introduce you to this creepy mastermind because THIS is the artist that designed our brand monkey spanking new pic.... TADA!!!

It's so perfectly grotesque and GOREgeous...

So let's get to know the sinister man behind the art.  I wanted to ask the owner of Triple-S studios some really tough questions, to find out what kind of person Sinister Scott really is...

Kitty: First, we all must know, who is your favorite monster?

Sinister Scott: My favorite monster has always been The Gill-man from Creature of the Black Lagoon.

MY favorite monster...
And his wife!

Kitty: Where are you going when the zombies come?

Sinister Scott: When the zombies come I'm likely to become one fast. I do a lot of zombie makeup effects and I'm pretty sure if a real zombie was to approach me I'd be in awe of the "makeup" job and move in to get a better look, which will likely get me bit.

Kitty: Blade or bullets?

Sinister Scott: Blades, I have a little knife and sword collection.

It may not be zombies we need to prepare for...

Kitty: Are you more of a Governor, Grimes or "Milton of the Apocalypse*" ( TM Torres Vs. Zombies)?

Sinister ScottHmmm. If I lived into the apocalypse, I don't think I would be any of those choices. I'd be more like a Michonne, because I tend to be a loner.

Kitty: Batman or Iron Man

Sinister Scott: I've never been much of a DC Comics fan but I used to collect a lot of Marvel title's so I would have to say Iron Man. Also, I'm on the verge of being deaf and Christian Bale's whispering, gravely voice makes it very hard to enjoy the current Batman movies.

It's The Fett-Man... someone I think we can all agree on.

Kitty: Hmmm... sure he's no Adam West... You're lucky I like your art.  Back to the questions... What is the best way to support your art?

Sinister Scott: I have a nice collection of prints available for purchase and I take commissions for custom art. Sharing my art and my page is huge. Every little bit helps.

Every artist has an amazing backstory!  One of the things I find most fascinating is how they put themselves into their creations and what has fueled the fires.  Here is Scotts official bio:

I remember being in preschool (Barely) and we had to draw a picture of ourselves. I remember what the teacher said about mine, "Look at that he even drew the shoe-laces. Such attention to detail. Keep it up" That was 35+ years ago and I kept drawing ever since (Kinda'). I credit my Grandmother to a lot of my creativity. She would spend hours drawing little shapes or numbers and letters that I would then turn into monsters and people or things, but mostly monsters. It seemed like I was always the favorite in art classes in school. I even had art hanging in the Midwest Museum of Art in Elkhart, IN for the Youth Art in Elkhart when I was in Junior High. That all came to a screeching halt in High School. I was rode hard by the Art teacher, She did not like my choice of subject matter. She would say my art will never go anywhere, or anyone can draw monsters and horrific images. She really turned my love for drawing off. I stopped taking art classes and opted for study-hall instead. I rarely drew anything my Junior or Senior year. In my head, art was dead. It didn't help that shortly after finishing High School the "Fire" happened...Let me explain. I had boxes and boxes of every little doodle. Every piece of art I had ever created, even the self portrait I did in preschool was stored in boxes in my mothers garage. My life was in those boxes. Anyway, my brother, who I am 9 years older than, needed to make some money, so he asked mom if he could clean out the garage. He decided that my boxes of art were no longer needed and piled them in the burn pit and set them ablaze. I didn't find out about it until they were cold, silent ashes, swirling in the breeze. Every piece of art I had ever created had gone, quite literally, up in smoke. I was devastated. It took at least 3 years before I put pen to paper again and let the lines become what they may, but the bursts of creativity were few and far between. From that point on I did a little art here and there. I did ink on a comic book that never even saw print, I designed an image for a local business for his sign and business card. The passion to create art just wasn't there. I have just recently become more involved in my art and I credit it to the inspiration I have found from The Living dead Festival as well as the Horror Artist group that I, as well as other awesome artists are in. Thanks to them I'm having a hard time setting my pencil down.

You can follow Scott on twitter @SinisterScott

You can also check him out on Facebook at Triple-S Studios
                                                               Universal Monster Fan
                                                               Sinister Scott  
Thanks to Scott for the incredible art work and taking the time to share with us!  Make sure to check out his work before the end comes.  Until then, stay pretty and prepare!

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  1. Fantastic interview, Twinsie! If I wasn't already friends and a fan of Scott, I would be now... and you are so gracious for liking him even though he said IronMan! <3