Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Lotion on Its Skin - Spa and Resort

For three spectacular days you will spend all of your time immersed in what can be described as an in depth spa treatment.

We are located in Calumet City, IL.
Too far of a drive? No problem! We’ll pick you up at your home. In one of our comfy vans you’ll sleep the ride away and you’ll arrive before you know it.

Once you arrive you’ll be greeted by our courteous staff and get you checked into your room right away. In fact, you stay in the same room the entire time. We bring the treatment to you!

You will be greeted with a basket of lotion periodically throughout your stay. Don’t want lotion? We highly recommend you take part in the lotion treatment. Rub the lotion on your skin and that’s it! Your skin is the most precious part of your body after all.

The depth of the treatment is really what keeps you present at all times. And we can’t forget to mention the cool stone masonry walls of your cozy cylindrical quarters. Talk about keeping your mind and body present!

We hope you go away from your experience with less weight on your back and maybe take a little something special with you.

If you don’t return, just know that a part of you will be with us after you are gone.