Tuesday, August 4, 2015

You Only Call When You Want Something

I feel like I start every post with an apology. "Sorry, I haven't written!" or "sorry, it's been a while..." or the personal favorite, "sorry about your face!" BURN! Ok, so I never started a post with that last one but only because I like your face. And I like you.

So what is it this time... Well, the reason I've been treating you like an outbreak of herpes and only visiting when you need a treatment is that I've been busy working with Red Vein Army. Look into them if you are unfamiliar. Very talented group of people! 

Sorry aboot that, friend. Wrong group...

Yes, those red-cloaked individuals. Anywho, we recently built a kick-ass haunted house in under 24 hours, inside a hotel, all to raise money for an incredible charity- Scares That Care! Words can not describe the euphoria I'm experiencing since being part of this project. It's the best convention I have ever been to with fantastic people and an even better raison d'etre. Unbelievable elation that you never want to end... Luckily, we've already been invited back to do it again. Bigger and scarier next year. Until then, we have filled the book with tons of other great events, providing even more opportunities for the horror community to come together, get scared, and support more horror. 
Red Vein Army founder, Ryan Sligh with Scares That Care founder, Joe Ripple, flanked by Mr. Scream Freak and his evil minions, Geena and Leslie.

That's why I'm back. I need something from you. I need you to know what we are doing. It's EXCITING!! And, if it's feasible, I want you to be there. Because I like you. 

I like you enough not to leave you out. If I hated you, I would keep this a secret, all to myself, let you find out after the fact and just say "oh man, I thought you knew." *sips drink and snickers* So enough with the jibberjabber! Let me tell you the haps'!
BOOOOOOOM!!! This right here!

DID YOU SEE THAT?!!! Red Vein Army has put together SEVEN writers... in one room... fight to the death!! Maybe. We'll see how the night goes. 

Mr. Scream Freak of ScreamFreak.com and Red-Vein-Army-just-raised-$1500-by-stealing-souls fame, will be the moderator, stealing souls and... actually... asking questions. 
Scream Freak is really rockin' that throne!

So why should YOU care? Well, if you answer yes to any of the following questions then this is for you (only one will do, if you answer yes to all then you BETTER be there!):
  • Do you like books?
  • Do you like beer?
  • Do you like scary things?
  • Do you breathe oxygen?
  • Do you live within reasonable driving distance to Richmond, Virginia?
I am so excited about this event I am going to come back. At least seven times! I will introduce you to each author we have joining us and remind you of how hard we've worked, the importance of supporting indie arts, and maybe even tickle ya' a little! I dunno, I want to but... I need your help. 
Share for a tickle?*

So, tell your friends. Come hang out on August 14th at Strangeways Brewing. But first, come back here so that I may tell you about T.C. Armstrong, Nathan Barnes, Neil Cohen, Nick DeWolf, Slade Grayson, Franklin Horton and Timothy Johnson. Trust me, I've got great dirt on them! 

I'll treat you better, baby... come back to Kitty. 

*No actual tickling unless you come to Books, Brews & Boos. Tickling subject to smell. Ah man... I looooooooove a smelly tickle!

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