Sunday, August 9, 2015

Meet T.C. Armstrong

It's time for guest number FIVE!! So far we have seen the collapse of civilization, aliens, werewolves and zombies... What will todays feature bring us?

It will bring us T.C. Armstrong!... Or Tina,  as I hope she will allow me to call her. I don't know yet. I guess it depends on how well I write this article...

*Cheers! Applause! Confetti!* This place is jumpin'! We've got a party and the event is still five days away!

Tina is the author of two novels, TALES OF A NECROPHOBE and DELUSIONS OF THE DEAD, with a third in the works DEEP DOWN DEAD. All three books are part of the Necrophobe Series. Ms. Armstrong promises to bring a very unique perspective to our Books, Brews & Boos panel, one that is desperately needed; the perspective of a skeleton. More on that later. First, let's see what she said on our questionnaire:

Can you please tell us what your Necrophobe series is about?

Notes From A Necrophobe:

More than half of our body is made up of water. At least 71% of the earth is covered by it. Less than 3.5% of that was drinkable, that is until a team of Russian scientists accidentally release deadly microorganisms into the water supply, leaving the world with less than half a percent to live on.

The microbes kill anyone they come in contact with then reanimate their corpse. Death is widespread and instantaneous. The world loses half its population overnight. The rest are left to search for what little untainted water is left, trying to outrun and outlive the ones who didn’t. This is the story of one of those families, trying to stick it out on their own in an abandoned high school instead of asking for help and protection from the provident, but controlling government structure that remains. In their struggle to live and protect the innocence of their youngest member, they may have stumbled across a weapon against an enemy too small to be seen.

Delusions of the Dead:

Only ten people made it out of the Mclean High School Refugee Center alive. They enjoy their celebrity status until they discover they have been infected with the same parasites that reanimate the dead. The government introduces a three-stage strategy to eliminate the threat: segregation, separation and extermination. Those who run find themselves hunted by the very institution that saved them from the apocalypse. Their escape is hampered by the battle within their own minds as they do their best to ignore the commands from the organisms inside their heads: Scratch. Bite. Kill. Repeat. They become a subset of society, living off the grid and under the radar until they are ultimately forced to turn to an old enemy for protection.


Who would you say has most influenced or inspired your writing?

Neil Gaiman, Hugh Howey, Stephen King and my daughter.

R.L. Stine or Christopher Pike?

R.L. Stine, because I too would like to earn forty-one million dollars a year for writing.

What is your apocalyptic anthem, or at least top 3 choices.

This Ain’t A Scene, It’s an Arms Race by Fall Out Boy
It’s the End of the World as we Know It by R.E.M.
Yellow Flicker Beat by Lorde

Favorite book... of the moment?

The Martian by Andy Weir

If you were on Death Row, what would you choose as your last meal?

Anything that would give me a heart attack before I reach the execution chamber.

I imagine something like Gacy's last meal... but with deep fried strawberries.

What was the first horror movie that you really loved? And that really scared you?

Poltergeist. Keep in mind I was 11 at the time; it doesn’t take much to scare an 11-year old.

Choose your apocalypse:Zombie, alien or human?

I’d choose zombie because we can outlast them. I don’t think we could beat alien technology and we’re already pretty good at killing each other, yet a strong door or a decent weapon can stop a zombie. Bugs and putrefaction will take care of the rest.

Ms. Armstrong, is there anything additional you would like to tell us?

I used to have three skeletons named Bob, Hal (short for Halloween) and Jane Doe. We would either pose them in hilarious scenes on my front lawn all throughout the year or take them with us in the car (don’t worry, we made them wear seatbelts). Sadly one of them has been stolen/kidnapped, but we still have fun with the remaining two. Last Monday we put one in a port-a-potty in D.C. and filmed people’s reactions to it. We usually hang signs off of them that read, “She said she’d be ready ‘In Five Minutes’”, “Weight Watchers Slimmer of the Year,” or “Still waiting for my kids to clean their rooms.” We welcome any suggestions for future hijinks. 

Are these yours, Tina? If so they simply must paint my portrait!

Amazing, right?! She promised to bring BOB! Of course, she mentioned it in passing, maybe she was joking but I have expectations. I know you do too. We can all sit and read NOTES FROM A NECROPHOBE with Bob the skeleton while sipping beer. It sounds majestic! Anyone who harasses tourists in a port-a-potty is bound to be a fantastic conversationalist. Make sure you come to Books, Brews & Boos, August 14th at Strangeways Brewery to find out. Until then, buy the books, read &review and follow Tina at

Also if you have any great ideas as to what she should do with her skeletal family, tell me first so I can take the credit let us know!

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