Monday, September 19, 2016

Meet James Crawford

It's no secret that I swoon over books and get giddy over the opportunity to discuss them. Especially Horror!! Lets talk about every messed up thing the characters did and... OH! HOW SHOCKING!! Then I want to wonder about the mastermind behind that masterpiece of fear and delight. You've got to wonder about anyone that can write a story so shocking that it causes you to throw the book across the room or rock incessantly in a corner for days after. That is one of the biggest reasons I wanted to host Books, Brews and Boos. I want to talk to the people that make books! Not only that, I want to share this love and excitement with others. Our region is FILLED with fantastic talent. Spectacular writers, editors, publishers, artists and of course, readers. This is the reason I joined RVA Horror Book Club and RED VEIN ARMY; to bring the horror community together. 

With that being said, it is my great honor to introduce to you our first guest for the 2016 Books, Brews and Boos lineup.... JAMES CRAWFORD! <Wooohooo!!! Excitement! Cheers! Applause! We are officially kicking off our party now!>

Mr. Crawford is the author of four novels (including the BLOOD SOAKED series) and a number of short stories. He is also a pirate an amateur bladesmith and a dabbler of other arts.... possibly including some that are considered quite dark.... but mostly of the renaissance kind. His most recent novel MANLEIGH CHEESE, delves into the world of food trucks, fairies and politics. 

"A food truck vendor and his staff run straight into a government conspiracy in the form of a catering gig at the White House. Little do they know that the intrigue arises from a bargain made with a particularly vicious supernatural being. How could they possibly know that the world around them is much more than it seems..."

In preparation of Fridays panel discussion, I had the opportunity to ask each of our guests a few questions. This is one of my favorite parts because it gives me a pretty good glimpse into who we will be hanging out with at the Brewery. Here are a few of the answers we got from James...

Who has most influenced or inspired your writing?
James Crawford: Jim Butcher, maybe Richard Kadrey

What is your favorite book of the moment?
JC: Mark Reefe's  The Road to Jericho

When did you realize horror was the genre for you?
JC: Actually I didn't. It happened because the original inspiration for my first book was a weapon for fighting zombies. The book had to involve blood and guts!

What is your favorite character/monster you've written and why?
JC: I've got two so far. Frank from "Blood Soaked..." and Toll from "Manleigh Cheese."

Stephen King or HP Lovecraft?
JC: Their bastard lovechild.

Would you rather be a vampire with hemophilia or a werewolf with fleas? Why?
JC: Werewolf with fleas. There's instant potential for humor and connection with the character. Who hasn't had an itch that won't go away?

If you could ask any celebrity... living or dead... to help you hide a body, who would you choose and why?
JC: John Barrowman, because he'd make sure we dress fabulously (or completely absurd) for the task. Probably have laughs and cocktails afterward.
Yes, yes, yes. All the yes.

What unusual hobbies/ interests do you have that you believe readers wouldn't expect from you?
JC: Studying human behavior, art, cooking, depression awareness, and a ton of metal/art related hobbies (but that's no surprise).

Anything else you want to mention?
JC: Never ever tell a clinically depressed person to "just feel better." You're contributing to how poorly we feel about ourselves. Be patient, even if you can't understand our reactions or why we feel the way we feel. 

I want to thank James Crawford for taking the time to answer our questions and for coming out to join us at Books, Brews and Boos THIS FRIDAY September 23rd, from 8-10pm at Strangeways Brewing! Pick up a copy of one of his books RIGHT NOW or grab one from the author after the discussion. You can follow Mr. Crawford on all the social medias: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and of course his website,

Come back tomorrow and I will introduce you to RONALD MALFI!

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