Sunday, September 18, 2016

I Know I Said I Would Write...

I know, I know... I said I would drop a line now and again... Maybe stop by for a quick visit and tell you that I think you're pretty. I have not done that. And I do think you're pretty. You are so very pretty I just want to eat you up! I love your face so much and you deserve to know that! In fact, the last time I gave this apology was right about this time last year... (You Only Call When You Want Something).

So here's the thing:

I'm still staying busy, doing my thang, being awesome, and bringing horror to the masses with RED VEIN ARMY. In fact, we are opening our brand spanking new Haunted Attraction this October at Hanover Vegetable Farm, RED VEIN Haunted House. It's kind of a big deal...
*cough* the boss HATES all these memes... I gotta add more

Since we last sat around for tea and chatted over a plate of scones, RED VEIN ARMY and I have done some fascinating things. We built an escape room in a brewery, summoned Mr. ScreamFreak to read scary stories in a blanket fort, AND returned to Scares That Care Weekend Charity with a bigger, better and more thrilling haunted attraction. That isn't even the complete list. We've done a lot of things and had a lot of fun.  Yet, all that fun does not come without a lot of hard work.
Courtesy Tami Peters Anderson Photography

Before our grand-opening, we have planned a number of other exciting activities, events and special appearances. Our next event makes me giddy because it's near and dear to my heart! That's also the reason I finally decided to check in. This time it's not about our hard work. it's about others.

See, I'm not selfish.

Boils and Ghouls, Pretty and Putrid, Handsome and Heinous! May I once again announce the return of BOOKS, BREWS and BOOS to Strangeways Brewing!!! <cheers! applause! OH MY GAWD, all the JAZZ HANDS>

This year we have invited five guests to join our panel and discuss books, the world of horror and the best ways to hide a body. things that keep you up at night.  Joining us we have James Crawford, Ronald Malfi, D. Alexander Ward, and Ryan Cagle and James D. Jenkins of Valancourt Books.  We will have a very special character host leading the discussion as well as trivia, prizes and LOTS of great beer. Did I mention that Strangeways will have released GOURDS OF THUNDER, their Imperial Pumpkin Ale just in time for Books, Brews and Boos?! If this evening doesn't get you in a spooky mood I don't know what will.

Over the next couple of days, I will help prepare you to bask in the glory that is our lineup by posting an interview with each of our guests. Check back each day so you can read about each author. We are very excited about this lineup and to have the opportunity to share this with our community. So many incredibly talented people making sure YOU have great books to read!

Come see me tomorrow, will ya? I want to introduce you to James Crawford!
Hey that's me! Kinda. See you at Strangeways September 23, 2016 from 8-10pm! 

P.S. We will have some trivia questions and just a little hint... some answers will be found in the interviews!

P.P.S. PRIZES for trivia!

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