Saturday, December 4, 2010


Ah, laziness!  It oozes out of the American pores.  Maybe it's a lack of drive, inspiration, a result of a dormant lifestyle or even poorly designed nanobots...  Regardless, it gets us eaten. 

Rest assured we at Pretty & Putrid have not been eaten.  We are just lazy.  Being so beautiful, albeit natural for us, takes energy to share with others.  Don't worry my pretties, you are not forgotten.  We are running an eency-weency bit behind, but you also being of the laziness breed, probably haven't noticed.
Could have used a skin treatment...

Not wanting a facial from a Zombie,  I suggest going now before the infection starts spreading.   When we return from our pampering we shall deliver our message of beauty and survival.

Until then... stay pretty and prepare.

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