Saturday, April 30, 2011

Happy Peep-ing Easter

Although we are still concerned with your appearance during the Zombie Apocalypse (also Robot uprising and attack of feral children), we decided a small break was in order.  With help from the very talented devoted/undead, we bring you something a little different.  So, kick back relax and wash your hair later.


We present to you Our Peeping Nightmare....

DSC 0050

'Twas the night after Easter,

The kids were asleep.

No candy was eaten,

Not even a peep.

DSC 0060


The Bunny was nosy,

And went to explore.

But something infected

Was bought at the store!

DSC 0109

It's skin was discolored

And fell off in pieces.

It was unknown

'Mallows carried diseases.

DSC 0070

They spoke not a word,

Just eyed their next prey.

They had already destroyed

The Cadbury egg!

DSC 0078

Hunger was insatiable

Though they had not a tummy.

What they really desired

Was the big chocolate bunny.

DSC 0087

The Peeps were the hunters,

Though mindless they followed.

DSC 0093

That bunny was eaten!

They cared not it was hollowed.

DSC 0100

Let this be a lesson

In a world that's unknown.

Always prepare,

Never go it alone!

DSC 0106


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