Saturday, July 23, 2011

Ducky the Zombie Slayer

Dolls are creepy, disturbing and evil.  So please enjoy this little story about our duct tape clad heroine, Ducky the Zombie Slayer.  She protects the playground one "zomgoat" at a time with her trusty knife, while always remaining fashionable.  In a world where doll clothing runs scarce and people are always trying to jack your shit, Ducky prevails with her use of duct tape.  Oh, and she also kicks serious undead goat-ass!


I have always pictured Ducky with the voice of Foofa from Yo Gabba Gabba (aka coolest kids show ever!)  but if you are unfamiliar check out this clip.  It will enhance your experience!  And now, I present to you the ever strange, Ducky the Zombie Slayer!



Ducky scene1


Ducky scene 2

Ducky scene 3

Ducky scene 4

Ducky scene 5

Ducky scene 6

Ducky scene 7

Ducky scene 8

Ducky scene 10

Ducky scene 11


Wow!  Who knew a doll could look so sexy in duct tape while slaying zombie stuffed animals?  Who?  I knew!  That's who!  You are welcome!  So now that you have a new supply of twisted nightmares to keep you awake for the next few weeks, nay, months, I bid you adieu.   Until next time my pretty little survivors, stop your crying and reminiscing of buttons your stuffed bear and remember to stay pretty and prepare!








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