Thursday, May 31, 2012

Think of it as... an insanity Litmus test

Some people believe that the answer to their survival is to head out alone.  Lose the dead weight and the drama of a team dynamic and do your own thing.  Well let me tell something to you:  That is a terrible idea!  Living, non-zombied people need interaction with other breathing, non-decaying people.  Why?  Because if you are all alone with no one else to talk to you will do stupid stuff like this:

"There's Something About Prittay"

I apologize to everyone for what you just witnessed. But as you can see, braving the apocalypse alone is a terrible idea.  You could end up talking to yourself and creating romantic comics with twigs and squirrel skeletons.  Best to leave the comics to the professionals and find yourself a friend.  If anyone is looking, I'm available and already on the brink of insanity.  So, feel free to join me as I stay pretty and prepare... and make zombies fall in love!

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