Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Keepin' It Creepy!

Last month we made our yearly pilgrimage to Baltimore Comic-Con to see all that is wonderful in our region... as well as Optimus Prime.  Of course I'm talking about the real Optimus and not just some guy we saw last year in his little 7ft light up costume (that was just ridiculously badass!).  Unfortunately, the very real and very close family friend was busy kicking Decepticon ass and didn't make it back in time for our visit.  So we settled on the 17th best thing: finding all the newest and creepiest bits of awesome we could.

"Hey Spider groupie!  Do you see Optimus?" - "No but I see another Spider-Man.  Want to invite him  to our gang?"

Honestly, it didn't take long for me to forget about Optimus and the 300 Spider-men as we quickly stumbled on a table with something that immediately caught my eye:

cue glorious ray of light and angelic choir!

Did you see that picture?  Sheddy Kruger!?!?  He gonna snuggle you up!  Then dice you with his razor sharp purrrrrsonality.  Some of you may know I have a deep routed love for cats.  Also I love creepy and horror and funny.  So, when it is all combined in one beautiful ball of fur and striped sweaters, I have no choice but to swoon!  Swoon I did.  Then I met creator and voice talents, Rich Gurnsey and Linda Castellitto.

Everybody say hi!

The swooning continued as I eyed the rest of their amazing pics and proceded to ask what it was I was experiencing.  Turn's out this euphorically awkward wonder is Welcome to Creepyville, a delightful little series of animated shorts with silly characters and lots of cats... who can never leave.  Ever.

It's like their dark unevenly sized eyes are barring down into my soul saying "watch us on youtube!"  Who am I to argue with animated characters who love jams, marmalades and cats.  Oh the cats!  The cats in sweaters and baby carriers and little fanciful hats.  Welcome to Creepyville is like knowing that guy in the white van is a pedophile and STILL wanting the candy... His sweet, teeth rotting old candy.  If you don't feel uncomfortable whilst you giggle then you're just missing the awesome-boat. 

Neither Rich nor Linda seemed uncomfortable with me petting their booth and braiding their hair so that seemed like my cue to ask them questions.  So, I got this cool pin and asked them these very brilliant questions.  I really feel they showcased my incredible journalistic skills.  
My pin!  SMOOOCH!!

1. Is Welcome to Creepyville an accurate account of your actual life?  Do you always talk to your cats like that and is one named Reginald?

Rich and Linda: Welcome to Creepyville has autobiographical elements…for example, we both adore cats and enjoy a good gravy. Alas, we don't have a cat named Reginald, but we do have a cat named Rhodie, who we talk to all the time. She's a great listener.

2.  Do you have a closet dedicated to the outfits you most certainly dress your cat in?  And, will she willingly participate or does she plan your demise?
Rich and Linda: Rhodie is always trying to get into our closets, so you'd think she'd be a fashionista -- but in reality, she'll only tolerate the occasional tiara or scarf. Demise-planning is always possible! (Probable?)

3.  If you are denying the truth behind the first two questions, where did this little creepy slice of delight get started?

Rich: Deny? Moi? So…it started a few years ago, late one night in the studio at design school, where a bunch of us were working late, as usual. By 3am, our productivity had given way to general loopiness and I started doing voices. Not long after, I drew characters to match the voices…it's much quieter in my head, now.

4. Do you know where you can get one of the front-carrying cat carriers and do they have them for multiple cats at once?

Rich: There's a secret storeroom at an undisclosed location. Want us to hook you up?
Kitty: Heck to the yea I do!  Hook a cat up!
Linda: Bedazzled monogram and matching first-aid kit are optional.
Kitty:You mean required... bedazzle the shiznit outta that bish!

This Dapper Gent is Reginald and the guy carrying him around is Wesley.  He rolls his rrrrrrrrrrrr's
5.  What is the biggest challenge when creating the story line?  Does the creepy flow naturally?Linda: Yes! From the fountain of creepy in Rich's brain.
Rich: So true, so true. The biggest challenge is making time to write, and finding a good place to do so (apparently coffee shops don't like it when you write in the nude).

6.  I find that I relate to Wesley and to Gabby quite a bit.  Quite a bit indeed. In fact, I'm concerned.  Do you find yourselves to be similar to any one particular character?  Or do you find yourselves using the voices in everyday conversation with others?

Rich: There's something of me in all of the characters, for sure. Oh, and I just learned that, like Wesley, I have two different-sized pupils! (It's not anything to be worried about, or so the eye doctor said.)
Linda: I definitely find myself saying a Gabby-esque "Ew" now and then. And thinking about how my (well, Gabby's) boyfriend "loooves time" whenever I fiddle with my watch. Now I'm concerned...

Steven and Gabby having a little chat...

7. If you were a hot dog would you eat yourself?

Rich: Yes. But only if I wasn't covered in ketchup. Only weirdos put ketchup on hot dogs.
Linda: Would I have a mouth? If yes, then no.
Kitty: *Wipes ketchup on cat*  Wow!  Linda, you blew my mind.

8.  How long does it take to make each episode?  

Rich: It's a long process (that I fit in between freelance work and other obligatory stuff). Generally, when my eyes are watering and my butt itches, I'm halfway there! So, double that?
Linda: (By "eyes watering," he means "weeping because it's taking so long." It can get pretty emotional around here.

9.  If you visit Creepyville, will you ever be able to leave?
Rich: People don't really leave Creepyville…they usually just disappear.

Big GIGANTIC thanks to Rich and Linda for taking the time to answer those perfectly articulated questions.  Seriously, I'm quite honored to have this opportunity to share the creepy with all of you.  Be sure to visit the Creepyville world on Facebook by clicking HERE!!  Also, watch their videos on their site and on YouTube by clicking HERE!! You can watch the first episode "It's Creepy Time" and then continue until you're exploding with creepy goodness.  Until next time, keep up the creepy my pretties, I know I will and as always, stay pretty and prepare!

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